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Admission Conditions

The entry and admission is conditional on completion of a university study programme in a relevant subject with a regular study duration of at least six semesters with a final grade of 2.5 or better (German grading system). Regarded as relevant is a study programme in Natural Sciences (e.g. Bachelor in Biology). In addition, the following credits (CP) had to be acquired by attending lectures (V) and practical courses (P):

  • 7 CP in Cell and Molecular Biology (V, P)
  • 13 CP in Biochemistry and/or in Physiology (V, P)

Furthermore, sufficient knowledge of German and English is required in accordance with the rules for proof of language proficiency for admission to studies at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. Applicants who have earned their study qualification at a German-speaking institution are exempted from the proof of proficiency in German and only need proof of English language skills of level B2 or better according to GER (e.g. German high school certificate, DAAD language certificate, TOEFL (90iBT) or IELTS (6,5 or better).

  • If the number of applicants who fulfil the entry conditions exceeds the number of study places available, then a selection is made on the basis of the final grade of the preceding study programme.
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