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Study Programme

At the beginning of their studies, all first-year students are offered voluntary participation in an orientation tutorial. The tutorial helps students to find their way around the university, to deal with formalities (course enrolment, exam registration, etc.), to get an overview of the offers at the university and university policy, and much more.

The first semester begins with the compulsory module "Molecular Biomedicine". This compulsory module lasts 2 semesters and creates a uniform basis for graduates from different bachelor's study programmes. Three Master modules follow in the further course of study. Before the start of the 1st semester, these are selected by specifying the first, second and third choice. If a Master module is over-subscribed, the decision is made by drawing lots. 

The compulsory module "Additional Qualifications" forms the conclusion of the 2nd semester. Students acquire additional qualifications according to their needs, which they can choose from all freely selectable courses at HHU Düsseldorf and courses and workshops at the Student Academy.

In the 3rd semester, students complete a 12-week project internship followed by 8 weeks of pilot work. In the project internship, students are assigned a research project at one of the working groups of their choice, and work under direct supervision. A stay abroad is an ideal opportunity at this stage of the degree programme. The pilot project is also a research internship and serves as a preliminary for the master's thesis. At the end of the pilot project, students develop a concept for their master's thesis and draft a project outline for it.

In the 4th semester, students write an experimental master's thesis (6 months) in the field of molecular biomedicine.

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